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{mrs paterson's press}

M. p. p. is a press of some sorts, where me and brother-jo go to make books. We came up with this bank-account-puncturing racket back in the dreamy cool months of mmxiv, and are currently hell bent on making it work well in to the next milllenia. Our aim is to create a dedicated space for disseminating the work of artists and writers who are preoccupied with a personal form of archeology, makers who are far from employing any mechanistic and empirical means of witnessing. It is our wish to embolden an approach to, and understanding of, a type of form or image, which can be directly deciphered from the raw material that rises from the unconscious. to investigate the customs and ceremonies involved in the prosaic acts of daily life, and identify the rituals and catalysts that surround indicative experiences and artistic production.​ The impetus of this venture is to make books with those who do not see themselves as creators of fiction, but rather set themselves as translators. Practitioners who do not invent but rather discover something, presenting found material and translating it for the first time. We believe imagination, and ultimately fantasy, remains a human right, and it is our aim to create a platform to explore all historical and contemporary ideas surrounding the portrayal of thought and experience through image.

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