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born in Harrow, London, 1982


Abbey Scholar in Painting, British School at Rome, 2015-16


The Royal College of Art, London, 2006-08

Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, 2002-05

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, 2001-02



Joakim Ojanen + artists, Market, Larsen Warner, Stockholm 

Miriam Jonas, David Moses & Ross Taylor, ARCO (w. Russi Klenner), Madrid 


Rattus Rattus {w. Janes Haid-Schmallenberg}, Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin

Gathering, Larsen Warner, Stockholm

Jaro Varga & Ross Taylor, ARCO (w. Ivan Gallery) Madrid 

Simona Runcan & Ross Taylor, Independent (w. Ivan Gallery), New York 

The decorator always gets paid least, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest (solo)

The studio at 4am, Hastings Contemporary, East Sussex 


Feeling BLOB, for ALW on RTM.fm, TACO, London

slade2sing, #01-04 Thomson V One, Singapore

Sukkot, 211 Montrose Avenue, New York 

How small a thought, Marwell House, Margate

The Cave and the Sea, Thirdbase, Lisbon

The Immeasurable, Thames Side Gallery, London

Skins, 18 Malden Road, London

Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony, APT, London


Sightings, Caraboo, Bristol

Dialogues: New Painting from London, GASK, Kutna Hora

The Corpse Strikes Back, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow

One Summer Night, Christian Larsen Falsterbo, Skåne 

Unknown Paper, The Edward James Foundation, West Sussex

A spicy migraine grease, Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm (solo)

Reading as Rhythm {w. Madalina Zaharia}, Tate Liverpool

Lore of the Land, Churchgate Gallery - curated by David Harrison, Somerset

As I took her arm she stared through my face at the dark branches, Yellow, Varese

* Artist-in-Residence, Edward James Foundation, West Sussex, 2018


Little Sparta, Victoria Miro Gallery ~ Mayfair, London

A Motley Crew, Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm

Stefan Sava & Ross Taylor, Sunday (w. Ivan Gallery), Ambika P3, London

Teeth where fingernails should be, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest (solo)

Spring 1882, Caves, Sydney 

Outpost, Caves, Melbourne

Ex Roma IV, APT, London


Cul-De-Sac, Emrys Williams, Llandudno

r-i-n, Konsthall Växjö, Smaland

June Mostra, British School at Rome

A Bestiary, Turf, London

March Mostra, British School at Rome

* Residence-in-Natur, Smaland, Sweden, 2014-16

Abbey Scholarship in Painting, British School at Rome, 2015-16


December Mostra, British School at Rome

An evening with Flat i, Flat i, London

Structural Object, 27, London

Control 19, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London


Parts per million, Holloway Library, London

Blue Plastic Bag {w. Madalina Zaharia} AIRstudio, London

The London Art Fair (w. FOLD), The Business Design Center, London

* Windows Commission ~ supported by Arts Council England


Mudlark, Fold, London


Backwards Man, Southwark Park Galleries, London


Bunker bar christening, creativeANDORcultural, London (solo)

New Relics, The Cello Factory, London

How could everybody be so wrong, ANDOR ~ David Roberts Foundation, London

Re-read, ASSEMBLY at Trinity Bouy Wharf, London


School Play {w. Sara Gillies}, Kingsgate Gallery, London

Dough and Dynamite, KobetsVasey, London

Vicissitude, Kabin, London


Haze Moods, Supplement, London (solo)

Supercilia, Royal Liver Building, Liverpool


Real Presence, The House of Legacy, Belgrade

Degenerates, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London

Wolf, Sequences Festival, Reykjavik

* Real Presence International Forum, Belgrade

* The Chelsea Arts Club Travel Scholarship, London


​The Peters-Messer collection, Bremem
Sammlung Haus N, Athens

Handelsbanken, Stockholm

The Edward James Foundation, West Sussex

The British School at Rome

Kabin, London

The Royal College of Art collection, London

Chelsea Arts Club, London

Various private collections in Europe