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{the bony labyrinth}      


Konsthall Växjö 

Smaland, Sweden

17th August 2015  ~

25th August 2016


'To be 'in' is an existential challenge intensified by movements and migration. Through abstract paintings transposed to large posters along the bus route Lessebo-Hovmantorp and an accompanying sound work (in collaboration with James Ferris) we are here given a new manner of reflecting a nature. Now it grows when not taken for granted. The works thus become a preparation for the unpredictable. They can now begin to speak back and re-conquer a healthy hesitation in the face of our surrounding nature and language, even for those most at home there'

{Axel Andersson}


Windows are good for staring at ... and through. And, buses have the best windows. Crystal surfaces that contain quiet, concentrated moments that help intensify thought and order the sub-conscious. On the bus, we become aware of the way in which we are viewing the landscape - ‘Nature’ appears to be in-between locations, experienced in a kind of quiet roving intermission. The patterned seats serve as a place to contemplate what we are experiencing, it’s a mediated space, where glass acts as a filter, between ourselves and the land in all its completeness. We use these windows to view areas that may appear without buildings and histories, or the structures of locality needed for language to be pinned onto. Words and symbols, that become synonymous with a field or track, or markers that help inform and build the identity of a terrain in our minds. The landscape becomes as a place with which to project onto. 

During his time spent in Småland, artist Ross Taylor has been trying to translate his journeys and experiences into sounds and images. For the Residence-in-Nature project, he has created a series of interventions that will punctuate bus passenger’s journeys who travel between Lessebo and Hovmantorp. Signs and symbols, can be found at the bus stops, and a soundtrack made from his voyages can be found on this and the lanstrafikenkron website ( The sounds created for each of the remote stops were made in collaboration with fellow artist, James Ferris, and intend to act as an informal set of preparations, that could accompany us within these solitary moments and assist in situations where conventional language might not necessarily prove effective. 


start ~ Devil’s pebbles (Lessebo Station)         

1:30 ~ Picking up, Picking (Stationsgaten)                                            

4:00 ~ a leg (Parkgaten)                                                                

4:08 ~ Pushing a cup off the side of it (Industrigaten)             

5:05 ~ Wood picked up, wood not picked up (Linneskruv)                 

6:04 ~ My name is a town (Strombershyttan)                            

6:33 ~ Moving my finger around the edge of paper (Dalgaten)         

8:51 ~ The 3 sounds of a place (Hovmantorp)                         


9:05 mins total

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